Author & Entrepreneur



Mimi is a multitalented woman: former actress, entrepreneur, author... there is nothing Mimi can‘t do. The power-woman, born in Croatia, started her career as an actress with being only 18 years old. Since then Mimi was an essential part of the entertainment and literature branch. Openness and her love for tidiness and neatness are only two of her core characteristics. She inspires people of all ages with her view of life, which incorporates that outer order and structure can lead to an inner way of uncluttered alignment. „Cleaning is healing” is the motto Mimi is striving after. We can‘t wait to see what the colorful power woman is up to next.


Trinkerbelle, Mein Leben im Rausch, Knaur / 2023 

Hochzeit mit Hindernissen, Knaur / 2020

Eigentlich wollte ich mich selbst entfalten, Knaur / 2019

Balkantherapie, MVG Verlag / 2015