Dressage Rider 



Selina’s talent and passion for horses and dressage riding were already born in her cradle. Since her mother herself was part of the equestrian sports (show jumping), Selina sat on the back of a horse before she could even walk. Until turning 16 she was training both show jumping as well as dressage riding. She then decided to fully concentrate on dressage, simply due to her fascination for the close coordination and bonding between horse and rider. 
The 23-year-old-talent was then discovered by the famous double olympic champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl. One day Selina received a call from Jessica offering her the chance to ride on her winning horse Zaire, which she immediately committed to. From that day on Jessica von Bredow-Werndl was an essential part of Selina’s dressage education, being her mentor and trainer at the same time. Aubenhausen Club, the home of dressage and Jessica’s educational program for riders and horses, offered Selina the perfect environment to improve her dressage riding skills. Additionally focusing on tournaments and athletic success in order to become an exceptional athlete just like her mentor Jessica. 
Selina is accounted one of the most promising young riders in Germany. Due to her determination, talent, passion and hard work Selina is not only successful when it comes to dressage but also in juggling her passion and her master studies in economics simultaneously. In other words Selina is an all-round talent, with a lot of drive, passion and not to forget her sunny spirit.


European Championships U25 2023 Team 🥇

German Championships U25 🥉

Nomination EM U25 2023

Piaff Förderpreis 2022🥈